Whether you need to get your personal bike to Massachusetts or want to rent one here, we can help. We work with two bike shops offering a fleet of rental options.  In addition, we work with Bike Flights, one of the nation's best bike and gear shipping companies, to help get your bike and gear across the nation or around the world.

Renting a Bike for the Tour

We work with two bike shops who offer a range of bikes for rent during the tour.  If you rent from any of these companies, we can pick up your bike prior to the tour and have it ready at the start when you arrive.   With any of these shops, we encourage you to book your bike early!   We'll be riding into Boston on the busiest bike weekend of the year so there is a huge demand for rental bikes.  Book early for the best selection of models and sizes.  Please let us know if you are renting a bike from one of these companies so that we can make sure to arrange the pickup.


 Cannondale Synapse

Cannondale Synapse

Northampton Bicycle offers the Cannondale Synapse for rent.  They are offering our riders a great rate of $175 for the tour. The bike comes with a lock, flat pedals and a helmet or bring your own gear.  We can switch out pedals for you in Hancock.  Their shop is located near us in the Pioneer Valley so we'll pick up your bike and have it at the start and it can be adjusted by our mechanics in Hancock.  Visit their rental page at Noho Bike Rentals or give Leila a call at 413-586-3810.


Urban Adventours

Urban AdvenTours offers the largest fleet of rental bikes in Boston.  Their mainstay hybrid bike for exploring Boston is a Kona Dew or Giant Escape.  Specially built for Urban AdvenTours, the bikes come with their trademark bright green fenders, flat bars and a bag for carrying your phone or other gear you want with you during the day.  Urban AdvenTours is offering Berkshires to Boston Tour riders their hybrid bike at $34 per day or $148.75 for the week.

Urban AdvenTours also offers Giant aluminum, carbon or performance bikes for rent.  

The aluminum frame Giant Defy 1 rents for $63.75 per day or $297.50 per week.

The full-carbon Giant Defy Advanced rents for $85.00 per day or $425 per week.

Visit their rental page at Urban AdvenTours bike rental.  Or, contact them via email at info@urbanadventours.com or call them at (617) 670- 0637.  

Shipping Your Bike for the Tour

Some of us prefer to have our favorite bike along on a tour.  If so, we have a couple of options for you to get your bike here ahead of the ride and returned home afterwards.  If you plan to reassemble your bike yourself when you arrive here, you're welcome to ship your bike to us in Sunderland and we'll have it in camp when you arrive in the Berkshires.  Contact us at info@riversedgecycling.com to make arrangements.  If you need some assistance with re-assembling or dis-assembling your bike, see the options available through our partners below.

Bike Flights

Bike Flights provides high-quality, reasonably-priced shipping for your bike to destinations across the US and internationally. They have a special page on their website for Berkshires to Boston Tour riders.  Visit Bike Flights Berkshires to Boston to learn more.  Registered tour riders will receive a link for an additional $5 off per "leg" of their bike shipping.  They offer a variety of options for shipping your bike whether you have a box or not or whether you have the confidence to disassemble and reassemble the bike or not.  You can ship to River's Edge Cycling or to one of our partnering bike shops depending on your personal needs for mechanical assistance.

High Country Shipping

High County Shipping takes the hassle out of shipping your bike.  They work with bike shops around the country and (probably in a community near you) to facilitate getting your bike ready to ship.  If you prefer to prepare it to ship yourself, High Country arranges for pickup, provides insurance and tracks your shipment to its destination.  They ship bikes for many of the biggest events in the nation.  Visit the Berkshires to Boston Tour/ High Country Shipping  page to learn more about the process for shipping your bike through High Country Shipping.  Our local bike shop, Blue Steel Bicycle Company in Sunderland will receive your bike from the shipper and build it up for the tour.  The River's Edge Team will pick up your re-assembled bike (or bike case if you prefer self-assembly) at Blue Steel Bicycle Company and have it at the start in Hancock when you arrive.  For bikes they rebuild, Blue Steel will store the case for re-shipping your bike home.  After the tour, we'll transport your bike back to Blue Steel for dis-assembly and packing for shipping.  Blue Steel is charging tour riders $85 for their building/boxing service (includes storage of the case).  This does not include the shipping cost.  Visit the High Country Shipping link above to get a shipping quote.   Blue Steel is also offering tour riders a 10% discount on parts and accessories.

Urban Adventours

Urban AdvenTours is offering Berkshires to Boston Tour riders a 50% discount on bike building/boxing. They will unpack and build up your bike before the tour and repack it for shipping back to you at the end of the tour for $100 - 50% off the normal fee.  This price does not include shipping.  Coordinate the pickup with us and our River's Edge team will pick up the bike at Urban AdvenTours and have it ready for you to ride when you arrive in Hancock.  Contact them via email at info@urbanadventours.com or call them at (617) 670- 0637 to discuss this option.